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3 Romance Books based in Oregon

For some readers, knowing where a book is located is vital to whether or not you actually read the book.  Oregon is a favorite among authors to be a place that their stories are at. Here are 3 Romance Books that are based in Oregon: Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point Series is in Thunder Point, Oregon. Thunder…… Continue reading 3 Romance Books based in Oregon

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Reality Bites!

Okay, reality bites only some of the time.  But real life can be so hard at times.  Life is hard when you are surrounded by kids, laundry, making dinner, chores and dogs.  Not to mention money troubles. That is why I like to read.  When life gets hard, I read.  Because it is so much…… Continue reading Reality Bites!


About Me

My name is Shental.  I live in Canada.  I come from a large family and have a large one of my own. But what is the most vital, is that I am a voracious reader.  And I like to read romance books.  I like to read romance book series.  I remember how the characters and…… Continue reading About Me