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What are some Romance Books based in Montana?

Do you like to know where your favorite characters live when you read a romance story???  Some readers do and it really influences their reading choices!  There are many books to choose from, but here are some romance books based in Montana.



BJ Daniels is an excellent cowboy romance author that has several of her books series based in Montana.  The Montana Hamiltons Series is one of them.

Montana Hamiltons Series book coversThis series is about a family of girls that all live on a huge ranch in Montana.

This series is a fun, easy read.  You need to read the whole series in order to understand the background plot that happens throughout this series.

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Another book series that is located in Montana is the Copper Creek Cowboys Series by RC Ryan.

Book covers for the Copper Creek Cowboy Series by RC Ryan.This series is about the men that live and work on the MacKenzie ranch deep in Montana country!

This series is another fun, easy read.  Each book can stand on its own, but if you read the whole series, you can finally out what happened to their Father, Bear!!

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While this book series is mainly based in Texas, the characters do head to Montana.  In Cover book for Wicked Cowboy Charm by Carolyn Brown

Wicked Cowboy Charm, Josie and Deke get stuck in a Montana blizzard together.

They had gone separately but ended up together and of course, they got close while they were there.

It’s a cute story no matter where it’s located!!

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I know that there are lots more books based Montana!  These are just the ones I’ve read recently!!

What’s your favorite book that based in Montana?

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Happy Reading!