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Romance Books about Characters that have Physical Disabilities

Most romance books are about beautiful men and women who defy the odds against something or other.  But finding a romance where the characters are not perfect and have difficulties that make life hard are harder to find.  Here are several stories where one of the main characters have a physical disability that affects their whole life.

Catherine Anderson has ventured into this subject area and has done a great job of presenting the details of their disability while writing a great story.

Book Cover for Phantom Waltz by Catherine AndersonPhantom Waltz, book 2 in the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series is about Ryan Kendrick and Bethany Coulter.

Bethany was injured in a barrel-riding accident that left her in a wheelchair.  So in the story, you learn how she must deal with different aspects of life that someone who is in a wheelchair would have to deal with.

Catherine Anderson has done a great job of helping us to understand the heartbreaking issues that can happen.

Book Cover for Blue Skies by Catherine AndersonIf you read book 4, Blue Skies, of the same series by Catherine Anderson.  She brings us a story about a pretty lady who was born blind.

While she does get surgery to restore her sight, she also gets pregnant.  And that causes a whole lot of storyline about the heartbreak about being blind and then learning to see again.

It’s a great romance that is about more than just the romance. You get a glimpse into what life can be like while being blind and having children.  This is a really good story.  Check it out!

Book Cover for My Sunshine by Catherine AndersonThe 6th book in that series is also about someone with a disability.  In My Sunshine, Laura Townsend has aphasia.  This is when you’ve had an accident and gotten brain damage because of the accident.

That’s what happened to Laura.  She went swimming and hit her head under the water.  It left her with aphasia.  She had to learn to do everything all over again.

This story is tender and heartwarming!  Definitely worth checking out!!

I’m sure there are more authors out there that have ventured into this type of storyline.  I’ll add them when I find more!!

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