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Good Western Romances to Read

Finding a decent western romance to read can be difficult.  I have found a few romance authors that write good western romances.

Here are a few recommendations:

B.J. Daniels a great western romance author.  She has written several different series.

Here are the first books in the book series that I’ve read:

bj daniels graphic

She is a talented storyteller.  She mixes up mystery, romance, and intrigue woven in a western theme.  Each story has been interesting, kept me stuck in the book and looking for another.

Wild Horses is the first book in the Montana Hamiltons Series.  It’s a great start to this series.  Check it out!

Unforgiven is the first book in the Beartooth, Montana Series.  This is the series that I enjoyed the most.  As you read this series, you see how the author got better in her writing.

BJ Daniels’ newest series is the Cahill Ranch Series.  Renegade’s Pride is the first book in this series.  The next one, Outlaw’s Honor comes out in May of 2017.

Renegade’s Pride brings us the Cahill Family.  Lillie is the youngest with 4 older brothers.  There’s Flint, Cyrus, Darcy, and Hawk.  Their father, Ely, is an interesting character.  One that isn’t finished within the first book.  You find out some things he doing and not what he’s doing with it.

You get to know Flint a bit in the first book as he’s the sheriff in town.  He is a part of what happens to Lillie.  Check out some details about the story here.

Another author that writes entertaining western romances is RC Ryan.

Here’s the first in several of her book series.

rc ryan graphic

These are the book covers for 4 of RC Ryan’s book series.

Matt is the 1st book in the Malloys of Montana Series.

Montana Legacy is the 1st book in the McCord Cousins Series.

Quinn is the 1st  book in the Wyoming Sky Series.

And finally but not her last, The Maverick of Copper Creek is the 1st book in the Copper Creek Cowboys Series!

Another author who writes western romances is Carolyn Brown.  She has a few books to Book covers for the Lucky Penny Ranch Series by Carolyn Brownher but I’ve only read the Lucky Penny Ranch Series.

She calls her books Cowboy Romances!!  And while they are definitely filled with gorgeous cowboys, they are also westerns!!

Check out the #bookdetails for this exciting and entertaining series!

While I know that there are a ton more awesome western romances out there, here are some for you to read and enjoy!

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Happy Reading!