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What Are 5 Romance Book Series about Family?

Many romance authors write their books so that you know what happens within one particular family.  Here are 5 different books series that have several books in each about a brother, sister, cousin, aunt, or uncle in the family.

One of my favorite authors is Sharon Sala.  She writes great romantic suspense novels that leave you tired because you read all night long!!

But most of her books are about family.  And in this case, they are an actual family.

Book Covers to the Rebel Ridge Series by Sharon SalaThe Rebel Ridge Series is about the Walker family.  There are Ryal, Quinn, and Meg.

Book 1 is about Ryal Walker.

Book 2 is about Quinn Walker.

Book 3 is about Meg Walker.

This is a great series where you get to see how the previous family members are doing and how they have grown.  Definitely, check out the #bookdetails for the Rebel Ridge Series.

Another author that writes about family members is RC Ryan.  She is a cowboy western romance author and is a talented storyteller.

Book covers for the Malloys of Montana Series by RC RyanHer Malloys of Montana Series is about three brothers in the Malloy family!

The boys lost their parents when they were very young.  And this series shows how each of them finds true love and is able to move on from their deaths.  And of course, they figure out who actually killed their parents.

And of course, you find out who actually killed their parents.

Check out the #bookdetails for the Malloys of Montana Series!

Another great book series about family is the Copper Creek Cowboys Series.  This is also by RC Ryan.

Book covers for the Copper Creek Cowboy Series by RC Ryan.The Copper Creek Cowboys is about the sons of Bear Mackenzie.  Ash and Whit grew up in Bear’s shadow, never quite measuring up.  Griff was the bastard son that Bear never knew about but found when his mother passed.

This series shows how Ash and Whit welcome Griff into their family.

Check out the #bookdetails for this fun, easy read by RC Ryan.

Another great series that is about family is the KGI Series by Maya Banks.

Book Covers for Maya Banks' KGI SeriesThis series is about the Kelly family.  After each of the sons served in a form of the military, they formed an elite group called the KGI teams (Kelly Group International).  They are the ones to take on the jobs that no one else wants.

As you read each book you see how each the previous members are doing and what is happening with them.

Take a look at the #bookdetails for the KGI Series!

Another cowboy romance that’s about family is the Lucky Penny Ranch Series by Carolyn Brown.

Book covers for the Lucky Penny Ranch Series by Carolyn BrownThis series is about two brothers and their two cousins.

Brothers Blake and Toby and their cousin Jud buy the Lucky Penny Ranch together hoping to build a life that they can all enjoy!

Jud’s sister, Josie joins them in book 4!

Talk about all in the family!

Check out the #bookdetails for the Lucky Penny Ranch Series.

What book series do you enjoy that is all about family?  Shoot me an email at stuckonromance(at)  I would love to talk romance books with you.

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Happy Reading!