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5 Romance Books with a Strong Female Lead

Finding a romance book with a strong female lead is actually not that hard.  But finding a well-written story to with that is the harder part.  Here are some romance stories where the female lead is a strong and capable woman.

The latest I’ve read is Dianne Duvall’s Night Unbound.  Lisette is a vibrant character and Night Unbound by Dianne Duvallone of the only female Immortal Guardians.  She was turned by her first husband and then accidentally turned both her brothers.  She gets her own story in Night Unbound when she meets and helps Zach when he needed it most.

Check out the #bookdetails that are for Night Unbound.  It’s definitely a book worth reading!

The whole Immortal Guardians Series is worth checking out!!

Another book that has a strong female character is Maya Banks’ Whispers in the Dark.  Whispers in the Dark by Maya BanksThis is an intense but touching story about Shea and Nathan.  She is telepathic and hears Nathan when he is in the worst hell imaginable.  And after she saves him, he saves her.

It’s a moving and exciting story that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading it!

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Each of the book in the KGI Series by Maya Banks is worth reading if you like intense drama within one family!!

If you like paranormal romance then this sweet and endearing story about ghosts will catch your attention.

Cindy Miles writes fun and light romances that are just plain enjoyable to read.  Her book cover for Thirteen Chances by Cindy MilesThirteen Chances is one of those books.

This is about Emma and Christian.  She cast a spell that caused them to be separated but drawn to each other.  They spend their many lifetimes pining for each other but never actually being together.  That is until she decides that, on her 13th chance, she needs to do things differently.

It’s a cute story!  Check out the #bookdetails for Thirteen Chances here!

Another female lead that’s worth reading is Mariah in Sharon Sala’s Don’t Cry for Me.

Don't Cry for Me by Sharon SalaMariah is a wounded comrade of Quinn’s.  When he hears that she’s being discharged, he invites her to his place to heal and recoup.

While she may be injured, she is still a crack shot and a warrior.  She knows that Quinn wasn’t just missing, he’s been kidnapped.

What she does to save him is nothing short of amazing!  Definitely worth checking out!

Check out the #bookdetails of Don’t Cry for Me.

Another story with a strong female lead is Genny Austin in Kat Martin’s The Dream.  The Dream by Kat MartinGenny is plagued with horrific dreams that have caused her to have horrible insomnia and almost making her believe that she’s going insane.

But instead of listening to her psychologist, she takes matters into her own hands to figure out what is happening to her!  And it’s awesome to see how she does figure it out and how she has to learn to accept herself despite past choices.

Check out the #bookdetails for The Dream.

I know that there are a ton more wonderful books out there that have strong female leads!  This is only 5 of them!!  So enjoy!

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Let me know which books you’ve found that have a strong female lead.

Happy Reading!