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Romance Books where the Heroine is a Virgin

In today’s day and age finding any book where the characters are virgins are few and far between.  But there are some books where the heroine is a virgin.  Here’s some that you can check out.

The first one is Maya Banks’ Echoes at Dawn.  This one is about Grace.  She is a telepath Echoes at Dawn by Maya Banksbut can also heal with her hands, completely heal.  And because of this ability, she has not found a man that will take her and love her for her instead of her abilities.

And because of this ability, she has not found a man that will take her and love her for her instead of her abilities.

That is until Rio comes to find her.  He is drawn to her despite her abilities.  And it’s through him that she is able to actually have a life.

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Another book where the heroine is a virgin is The Black Sheep by Patricia Ryan.

Book Cover for The Black Sheep by Patricia RyanThis is Harley’s story.  She’s house-sitting for a wealthy man when his estranged son shows up. At first, she is reluctant to let him stay, but when she sees how injured he is, she offers to let him stay for the summer and recoup there.

And when she offers herself as a reward if he can catch her by the time they get to the edge of the pool, it gives him the motivation to heal from the accident he was in.

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Another romance book where the heroine is a virgin is Outlaw’s Honor by BJ Daniels.

book cover for Outlaw's Honor by BJ Daniels

Outlaw’s Honor is about Darby and Mariah.

Mariah is on the run from an arranged marriage.  She doesn’t want to marry the man that her uncle selected for her.  According to the Roma culture, purity was prized.

Mariah was being forced to marry a man that was psychotic.  She was on the run from him and stopped at Darby’s saloon.  As she got to know Darby, she didn’t want to leave.

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If you like contemporary romance, here’s one by Catherine Anderson.

Book cover for Mulberry Moon by Catherine AndersonMulberry Moon is the third book in the Mystic Creek Series.

And the main heroine happens to be a virgin due to her upbringing.  She grew up dirt poor and moved around alot.  She never had the opportunity nor desire to start a relationship.  So when she comes to Mystic Creek to take over the cafe, she is very wary of men.

It’s only with Ben’s persistence that he is able to get past her cold exterior!

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Another of Catherine Anderon’s where the heroine is a virgin is My Sunshine.

Book Cover for My Sunshine by Catherine AndersonThis is a tender and heartwarming story where Laura, despite that fact that she was in a terrible swimming accident and has major disabilities to deal with, she chose to save herself for the One.

So when she meets Isaiah, she has trouble believing that he actually loves her for her and is not misguided because of her shortcomings.  It takes Isaiah convincing her that she is worth it for her to believe!

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While there are tons more out there, here are some to get started.

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