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3 Romance Books based in Oregon

For some readers, knowing where a book is located is vital to whether or not you actually read the book.  Oregon is a favorite among authors to be a place that their stories are at.

Here are 3 Romance Books that are based in Oregon:

Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point Series is in Thunder Point, Oregon.

Thunder Point is a small Book Covers for the Thunder Point Series by Robyn Carrtown that is located on the coast of Oregon.  You get to experience the wonder and beauty of the coastline along with the people that live in this close-knit community.

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Another book series that is located in Oregon is the Mystic Creek Series by Catherine Book Covers for the Mystic Creek Series by Catherine AndersonAnderson.

This series is deep in the mountains and the majority of the series is in the winter.

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The last one that I’ve found is not in a series but is still an excellent read.

Catherine Anderson’s Only By Your Touch is a sweet and tender romance that is based Book Cover for Only By Your Touch by Catherine Andersonin Jack Pine, Oregon.

And it’s there on Cinnamon Ridge that Chloe and Ben heal each other’s hearts.

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I know there are a ton more romance books out there that are based in Oregon, but here are some to get you started.

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Happy Reading!