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Awesome Romance Books Series about Brothers

It’s always fun when I find an awesome romance books series that is about brothers.  I definitely look for them when I am choosing my reading!  Check out these #bookideas about romance books that are about brothers.

Sharon Sala is an author that has some of her series about brothers (and maybe even sisters) in the family.

Her Rebel Ridge Series is one to check out!  This series is about 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Book Covers to the Rebel Ridge Series by Sharon SalaRyal, Quinn, and Meg are part of the Walker family.

Each gets their own book, but if you read the whole series you get to see how the family grows and gets bigger!

I enjoyed Quinn’s story the most!  Check out at the #bookdetails about this one!


Another series that has brothers is the Lucky Penny Ranch Series by Carolyn Brown.

Book covers for the Lucky Penny Ranch Series by Carolyn BrownThis series is about 2 brothers and 1 cousin.  The Dawsons.  Blake and Toby are brothers and Jud is their cousin.  All of them come together to make the Lucky Penny Ranch a success!

What they didn’t count on was finding women along the way.

This is a cute series!  Check out the #bookdetails for the Lucky Penny Ranch Series.


Another series that’s about brothers is the Wyoming Sky Series by RC Ryan.

The Wyoming Sky Series by RC RyanThis series is about Quinn, Josh, and Jake.

The background plot for this one is about how and why their mother disappeared when they were all quite young.

So while each story has its own plot to figure out and solve, this background plot is happening throughout the whole series.

Check out the #bookdetails for Quinn, Josh, and Jake.


Most romance authors have family connections within their book series!  Kat Martin is no different.  Several of her books series have connections like that.

Her Boss, Inc. Series has 2 brothers and a close friend that works with them in their Book covers for The Boss, Inc. Novels by Kat Martinbusiness.

Ethan Brodie and his brother Luke work at Boss, Inc.  That stands for Brodie Operations Security Services.

Their good friend and comrade, Dirk Reynolds works with them at this firm.

Check out the #bookdetails about this exciting series!


Another series that comes to mind about brothers is the KGI Series by Maya Banks.

Book Covers for Maya Banks' KGI SeriesThis series is really about brothers.  There are several brothers in the Kelly family so this series is several books to enjoy!

There are a couple of the books that are about the other members of the team, but the majority is about the brothers of the Kelly family.

Check out the #bookdetails for this series!


What is your favorite series about brothers???

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Happy Reading!