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Good Paranormal Romances that are Worth Reading

Paranormal Romance has become a very large sub-genre in the Romance Industry!  And there are so many to choose from.  Here are paranormal romances that are worth reading as well as some #bookdetails about them so you’ll know more before you read!

Christine Feehan is considered to be the Queen of Paranormal Romance!  She has a ton graphic-stuck-feehan-darkseriesof books to her name.  The most successful series that she writes is the Dark Series!  This is an intense and captivating series that has more than 30 books in it.

While each book can be read alone, there is an interesting plot line that has been building throughout the whole series and is better understood when you read the whole series!

Take a look at the #bookdetails about this series!  You’ll want to!


While Kat Martin is classified as a romantic suspense writer, she does dabble in the paranormal.  She has several books that have touches of the paranormal and are well graphic-ssblog-paranormal1.pngwritten and worth looking into!

She calls this series Paranormal Series 1, but none of these are actually connected in any way!

They all are really good stories to read!  I like a lot of her suspense novels, so it’s nice to see that she can add a bit of paranormal and make it just as interesting.


Dianne Duvall is another paranormal romance author.  She has written the Immortal immortal guardians book seriesGuardians Series.

This is a series that has a complex plot line throughout the books with a ton of characters.  You have to really pay attention to who is who in this series.

Check out the #bookdetails for this series.

It is definitely worth reading!


What’s your favorite paranormal romance??? Or the latest one you’ve been reading?

Drop me a note at stuckonromance(at)!  I would love to talk romance books with you!

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Happy Reading!


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