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3 Time-Travel Romances You Definitely Should Read!

Time-travel romances are one of my favorite sub-genre.  Here are three that you need to check out!!

Diana Gabaldon is an exceptional writer.  She has taken a lot of time and energy to write this book series.  She is currently writing the 9th book in this series.  A lot of history goes into them.  The main character, Claire goes back in time to the 1700s where she meets and falls in love with Jamie.

Igraphicoutlanderseries read the first book in this series years and years ago.

And it’s the type of book that stays in your head for years! After binge watching the series on Netflix, I read the first four books in this series.

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Jude Deveraux is also an exceptional writer.  She has so many books to her name. While I have read quite a few of her books, I have only added a few of her books to StuckOnRomanceBooks!  But…

Knight-in-Shining-ArmorMy absolute favorite book is one of hers.  This is called Knight in Shining Armor.

In this book both the main characters jump thru time!  Nicolas comes to modern times.  Then Douglas (this is a she) goes back to his time in the 1600s.  Then she goes back to her time in the present.

And then, of course, they live happily ever after!!

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Another story that you could losely call a time-travel romance would be Cindy Miles’ Thirteen Chances.

This is a fun, quirky, really sweet book series about ghosts and their women.

thirteenchances150.jpgI can still remember this book even though I read it years ago!!  It’s that good!

Emma and Christian are fated Intended!  They’re soulmates.  And they desperately want to be together – for eternity.

It’s a cute, entertaining story that will tug at your heart strings.

Definitely worth reading!!


So what time-travel romances have you read lately?

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Happy Reading!