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6 Romance Books Published in 2016

I know there are tons of romance books written every year, even every month.

Here are 6 romance books that were published sometime in 2016.


Maya Banks reissued Keep Me Safe with this brand new cover.

It’s an exciting and engaging romance.  It is a suspense story with a touch of paranormal.

Ramie has psychic abilities.  She’s able to see what the victims see and feel.  Even at the cost of herself.

It’s worth a read!  Check it out.

For one that is just as exciting, check out the next author!!

book cover for Family Sins by Sharon SalaSharon Sala is a really good author.  One of my favorites!

Family Sins is one of her most recent new ones.

It looks like it’s going to be a standalone novel.

This one gives you examples of two very different families and why they are the way they are!

Check it out!

Another romance book to check out is Christine Feehan’s Shadow Rider.


This book, this series is way more intense than the Dark Series.

You have to read it to understand.  It’s intense, riveting and spellbinding.

It’s also full of sexy details, for those that are concerned about that.

Christine is an exceptional storyteller.  Check it out!


Another book of Christine Feehan’s that was published was Dark Ghost.

darkghostThis is a continuation of the very successful series, The Dark Series.

Dark Ghost is the 28th book in this series.

You don’t have to read these books in order but if you did, you get a better understanding of the background story that has been building during the whole series.

Take a look at the #bookdetails for Dark Ghost!

Looking for something a bit lighter?  Check out these:

Robyn Carr is the type of author that can take the ordinary, every day and make it exciting and entertaining!

whatwefindWhat We Find is another series (The Sullivan’s Crossing Series) from Robyn Carr.  This one is just as endearing and entertaining as the Virgin River Series.

This one is about the crossroads of two very large walking trails!!

And Sully’s general store is a meeting place for all those that choose the wander through.

Check out the #bookdetails about What We Find!!

Another light and easy read is another favorite of mine.

book110-Into_DustInto Dust is the 5th book in the Montana Hamiltons Series.

This series is about the 6 daughters of Sarah and Buckmaster Hamilton.

Warning though:  You have to read the whole series in order to understand the background story that is in this series!

Check out the #bookdetails about Into Dust.

What books did you find in 2016?

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Happy Reading!