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Romance Books Published in 2017

Like any other romance reader, I like to read new releases (or even reissues) and buy them for my collection.  Here are the romance books that were published and I’ve bought and read since the beginning of 2017.

shadowreaperChristine Feehan’s latest series, The Shadow Series, has book 2, Shadow Reaper that came out in June of 2017.

It’s an intense, engaging novel.

It is filled with lots of details so be aware for that!

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It’s definitely a novel that will keep your blood boiling and your heart pumping!


Another book that came out this year was again by Christine Feehan.

darkpromisesDark Promises is book 29 in her very successful Dark Series.

This one is a bit different in that it has 2 stories happening at once.  It is about Gabrielle Sanders.  Along with Trixie Joanes.  She is Teagan’s grandmother (book 28).

Check out the #bookdetails for this book!


Debbie Macomber reissued the Orchard Valley Series in new book covers this year.

She has the 4-book series put into 2 new book covers!

graphic-ssblog-orchardseries-macomberOrchard Valley Grooms and Orchard Valley Brides are both sweet and endearing novels about the Bloomfield family!

Orchard Valley Grooms is about Valerie and Stephanie.

While Orchard Valley Brides is about the 3rd Bloomfield sister, Norah and Sherry Waterman, her best friend!


What books did you buy and read this year so far??  Please send me an email at stuckonromance(at)

I would love to talk romance books with you!

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Happy Reading!