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Good Romance Books with Vampires

Finding an author that can write good romance books with vampires is not easy!  I’ve only encountered a few.  Here are some ideas to check out!!

The first one that comes to mind is Christine Feehan.  She is the Queen of Paranormal Romance and has written a ton of books!!

graphic-stuck-feehan-darkseriesHer Dark Series is the most successful and one of the largest romance book series out there!!  The 31st book is due out Sept of 2017.

This series has vampires in them.

In this series, the men are called Carpathians but when they go bad and give into the madness, they become the undead and are called vampires.  So while many don’t like this use of vampires, you certainly can fall in love with these Carpathian men!!



In the Anthology Hot Blooded, you will find several vampire stories that are interesting and captivating.

Christine Feehan, Emma Holly, and Angela Knight have all written short stories that are sure to fire your blood!!

Check it out!



Another series that you could check out is the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.


This is about a community of vampires that work and live together and create an actual life together despite the fact that they are vampires.

It’s a good series.

Check it out!!!


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