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What’s a Good Romance Book with Adventure and Thrills?

If you’re looking for a really good romance book that is filled with adventure and thrills, here are some recommendations:

Kat Martin is a great author that gives you lots of adventure and thrills.  And what’s fun is this series has the characters going on their own adventures!!


Kat Martin’s Sinclair Sisters Trilogy is about 3 sisters, Charity, Patience, and Hope.  They all want some adventure.  Check out the #bookdetails for this book series.

While each book is about each sister, you don’t need to read them in order.  There is no background plot going on in this series.  Each book can stand on its own.

Another author to check out would be Maya Banks.  She’s mostly a romantic suspense author, but she also has some contemporary romance too.

Her KGI Series is about a group of men that are mostly brothers.  They formed this elite group that takes on hard jobs that not many others would want.

Maya Banks' KGI Series

Each book is how each of them finds their women.  Each is an adventure in romance, love, and intrigue!

My favorite in this series Whispers in the Dark.  This one is about Nathan Kelly and Shea Peterson.  It’s a moving story.

Check it out!

Another author to find is Sharon Sala.  She is an amazing author that has a talent for storytelling!!  She can write a story with a dark side.  She can write a story about something that is upbeat and entertaining!

In the Rebel Ridge Series, you find that a family gets enough adventure to last a lifetime!


This series is about 2 brothers and one sister.  While there isn’t a sinister plot happening in this series, if you read them in order, then you see how the characters are doing as they go forward!

My favorite of this series is Don’t Cry for Me!  I enjoyed the ending.  If I could find the courage that Mariah had!!

Check it out!

Okay, I know there are a ton more to choose from!!  But these are a great start!  It will definitely keep you busy!

What’s your favorite romance that’s filled with adventure and thrills?  Shoot me an email at stuckonromance(at)  I would love to hear from.

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Happy Reading!