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Best romantic suspence to read

If you like to read romance, sometimes it’s hard to find a good author that writes really well and is a talented story teller.  And there are good ones and bad ones out there!!

I’ve come across some really, truly good authors.  Authors that know how to write a story and how to engage us readers and keep us reading.

Here are few recommendations:

Sharon Sala is a great author.  She has a pattern to her books:  she writes most of her books in trilogies.  And usually, she has a sinister plot that spans all three books.  Check out the different book series that I’ve read of hers.  She has quite a few books but sadly her site is incomplete.

My fav series of her is the Rebel Ridge Series.  This one is about a family, two brothers and one sister.
sharonsala-rebelridgenovelsRyal, Quinn, and Meg.  Each book is really interesting. Each book can stand on its own.  Each book carries the previous characters and lets you know what is happening with them.

My fav of this series is Don’t Cry for Me.  This one is about Quinn and Mariah.  You have to read it to feel it.  The ending is …. amazing.  You have to read it!!

This one doesn’t have a sinister plot happening in the background, not like the Forces of Nature Series, or the Secrets and Lies Trilogy.  Those, while really good, make you need to read the whole series in order to be able to know how it all ends.


Maya Banks is another great author.  She could be called a contemporary romance author as well as romantic suspense.  She too has a ton of books on her site.

I’ve read the KGI Series.  This one is about a group of men, all in the Kelly family, that have come together to create a specialized organization that takes jobs nobody else wants.Maya Banks' KGI Series

The majority of the books are about the brothers in the Kelly family.  There are a few that are “adopted” into the family!!!

My fav is book 4, Whispers in the Dark.  This is Nathan’s story.  He was caught behind enemy lines at the end of book 3 and is being held captive.  They have no idea where he is until they get an anonymous email giving them some clues.

The email is from Shea.  She can “hear” Nathan.  She can also help him.  With her help, the brothers are able to find Nathan and get him out.  What follows is a very tender and poignant story.   I really enjoyed this one.  Check it out!


Another romantic suspense author to check out is Kat Martin.  She has several great series.  I’ve read lots of hers, just not all in the same series.

Her newest series is the Boss, Inc Series.  This series is loosely connected to the Brodies of Alaska Series and the Against Series.

Boss, Inc. Series is about 2 brothers and a friend on the team.  Each can be read completely alone.  Book covers for The Boss, Inc. Novels by Kat MartinThere is no back story that crosses the series.

Kat Martin is a great author, a talented storyteller.

Check out the #bookdetails for this series.



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