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What are some romance books about musicians?

graphic stage dive novelsFinding some romance books that are about musicians can be tough.  Not many authors define their books to be about certain type.

Although, I think this author does.

Romance Author Kylie Scott writes about a rock band that she calls Stage Dive.  This band is made of 4 men that have grown together after forming a band years ago in the garage.

First, there’s Dave.  He’s quiet and a sensitive poet.  Mal is the loudmouth clown that can’t sit still.  Jimmy is the brooding lost soul.  With Ben being the one that gets things done.  He’s not looking for the spotlight like Jimmy.

Each story is written in the woman’s point of view.  The woman that comes into each of their lives and stands out and makes a difference.

Evelyn disrupts David life by not remembering the day they got married.

Anne is forced to deal with Mal when he invites himself to move in with her.

Lena won’t leave Jimmy alone and he can’t get her out of his mind.

Lizzy steals Ben’s heart without Ben realizing that it was gone.


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