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What are some romance books about military men?

Reading romance books about military men or any servicemen is one of my favorite sub-genre to read!!

Take a look at Kat Martin’s newest release, Into the Firestorm.  This book series is about

Boss, Inc. Novels

a group of men that are employed by a security firm, Boss, Inc.  This series is also about brothers.

The Brodie brothers.  Book 1, Into the Fury, has Ethan Brodie and book 3, Into the Firestorm, is about his brother Luke.

Take a look at the #bookdetails that I did for each of these books here!

What’s fun is that this book series is connected to Kat Martin’s other book series, The Brodies of Alaska.

The Brodies of Alaska Series

This series is about brothers that are servicemen as well.  Check out the #bookdetails for this series!!

Check out some other books by Kat Martin.

Kat Martin is a talented story-teller who is definitely worth checking out!!



Another author that writes about different types of servicemen is Maya Banks.

The KGI Series

She has written tons of books, all contemporary and suspenseful about gorgeous men and their women, but the only series that I’ve read is the KGI Series.


The KGI Series is about a family of brothers, all some form of military, coming together to create a new security company specializing in the jobs no one wants!  Check it out!!


My fav of the series is book 4, Whispers in the Dark.  Nathan’s and Shea’s story gets me everytime I read it!!

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Happy Reading!