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How many novels has Robyn Carr written? And what kind of an author is she?

Robyn Carr is an amazing romance author who dabbles in historical and contemporary stories.

According to her website, she has 4 different book series with 35+ books in a series.  Then she has more than 20 stand-alone books.  She is a well-established writer who has earned her stripes.  If you take a look at her site, she does a great job of sharing her story with us readers.

Let’s see what books she has.

Her latest series that I’ve read is The Thunder Point Novels, which has 9 books in it.


I have read the first 5 books in this series!!!  Take a look at the #bookdetails for this series.

She has chosen to make this series into 3 trilogies.  Books 1, 2, and 3 are on the top row of the picture.  Books 4, 5, and 6 are on the bottom row.  Books 7, 8, and 9 are down the right-hand side!!  You can tell by the design and style which book belongs with which book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series.  I will admit though, this series has the same feel as the Virgin River Series.

If I had to pick a fav, then the Virgin River Series wins again and again.  I can pick up these books and I can read them over and over.  She does a great job of making the everyday normalcy of life entertaining and fun!!

I just finished reading Wild Man Creek and Harvest Moon again.  Enjoyed them!!  Again!!


This series has 20 books in it and I’ve read all of them.  I do have my faves.  Take a look at the #bookdetails for this series.

And I’m collecting them!  I have 14 so far!!

What’s nice about this series is that you can pick it up time and time again, and enjoy them all over again!!

If you’re looking for a way to handle the every day, then this series is for you!!

She has another series called the Grace Valley Series.  This one is all tied together and is about one set of characters while being tied to the Virgin River Series.  I didn’t like this series near as much as I liked the Virgin River Series.

whatwefindHer newest series, the Sullivan’s Crossing Series starts with What We Find.  It’s similar in feel to her other books!  Definitely check it out!

She is a great author that knows how to tell a story!  She knows how to entice you and keep you engrained on the page.  She knows how to weave the sweet with the absolutely boring!!  Check them out.

What’s your favorite Robyn Carr book??

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