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Best Paranormal Romances to Read

Paranormal is one of my favorite genres to read.  It has all the great things that a good book needs in it!!


One of the greatest paranormal romance authors out there is Christine Feehan.  She has quite a few books to her name.  Check out her author page here.  She has other book series as well.  Check them out!!

I like the Dark Series the best.  Each book is basically the same.  Man senses his woman and then has to convince her that she needs to be with him and that she wants to be with him.  Christine Feehan does such a good job in her storytelling, that you can read each book and still enjoy it.  She is also really good at her descriptions when telling the story.

It is one of the longest running romance books series out there with 30 books.  And she is still adding to it.  Check out #bookdetails about this book series.

Another book series to check out would be the Blades of the Rose series by Zoe Archer.

This whole series is best to read if you read the entire series in order.  It’s only a 4-book series so it’s not that hard of a read.  Zoe Archer is a really talented author with her creation of her worlds and descriptions of people and places.  But she does get detailed in her love scenes.  I liked the 4th book, Stranger, the best!!

If you like the Blades of the Rose series, then you will like the Immortal Guardian Series by Dianne Duvall.

While it’s an intense plot line with dozens of characters, is great series about a group of men and women who have the ability to live forever because they are guardians!!  Take a look at the detailed #bookdetails for this series.  I really enjoyed this one!

I know that there are tons of other wonderful romance authors out there.  Take a look through my bookshelf to see if there are other books you might like to read.

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Happy Reading!