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What’s Catherine Anderson latest book series?

Catherine Anderson’s most recent book series is called the Mystic Creek Novels.

Here’s a pic of the 3 books that are in this series so far.


This is a sweet series about one large family in Mystic Creek!  The Sterling family has 4 boys and 2 girls.  So far in the series, it is about 3 of the boys.

Book 1, Silver Thaw, is about Jeb and Amanda.  He saves her from the cold.

Book 2, New Leaf, is about the cop in the family, Barney!!!  He witnesses Taffeta dancing in her window and is a goner!!

Book 3, Mulberry Moon, is about Ben.  He’s retired from the rodeo and has made a home in Mystic Creek.  Now he just has to find the perfect woman to go with him.

Take a look at a short summary of the #bookdetails  for this book series.  You won’t regret reading it!!

Which of Catherine Anderson’s books do you like the best?

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Happy Reading!