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What’s a good romance book to read?

Finding a good romance book is not easy.  There are sooooooo many to choose from.

Here are a few that I have read that are pretty good.


These book ideas are in no particular order.

Robyn Carr is a favorite of mine.  She writes classic romance, usually based in modern times.  She is an author that can take the mundane everyday and make it interesting, entertaining and fun!!

She has written several book series.  The Virgin River Series is my fav!!  She has also written the Thunder Point Series as well as the Grace Valley Series.  Actually, all of her books are loosely connected!!  Take a look at the book details for each series!!

R.C. Ryan is a mostly a western author.  But that western feel is mixed with either historical or contemporary, depending on the series.  She has written several book series.

All her book series have gorgeous, hunky cowboys in them.  Matt is the first book in the Malloys of Montana Series.  She’s also written the Copper Creek Cowboys, the Wyoming Sky Series, the McCord Cousins Series.  The books are best read together as a series.  You then see what happens to the whole family as well as finish the back story that has developed!!  Enjoy!

If you are looking for sweet and tender romances, check out Catherine Anderson.  She writes classic romance.  New Leaf is the 2nd book in her new series, The Mystic Creek Series.  She also another series called the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series!  This is a great series.  Check it out!!

Jude Deveraux has written a ton of books.  But my all time fav is one from her!!  Check out A Knight in Shining Armor.  It is a time travel romance.  It’s funny and entertaining while being heart breaking as well.  I can still remember details of this story despite reading it years ago!!  Check out her Edilean Series.  It’s a modern based contemporary romance.

Next would be Sharon Sala.  She is an awesome author.  She writes most of her books in trilogies with a sinister background plot happening despite the individual book plots!!  She is a master storyteller.  They are the type of stories that you have-to-get-them-done-or-you’re-gonna-be-frustrated type of stories.  She has the Secrets and Lies Trilogy, the Rebel Ridge Novels, the Forces of Nature Series, and the Searcher Series.  Please understand that this is only a handful of the books she has written.

Family Sins is a standalone novel by Sharon Sala.  You’ll find #bookdetails about this one on her author page.

And last, but certainly not least is Christine Feehan.  She is an amazing author.  She is writing 5 different book series!!!  And she keeps up on all of them!  She is a paranormal romance author.  She writes engaging and compelling stories.  They are filled with immense details of the places, things, and people.  She does get a quite detailed in her love scenes, especially her latest series, the Shadow Series.  Most of her previous books weren’t as detailed.

She is also one who has written the longest running book series.  This one is called the Dark Series.  She has 30 in this series.  I am working my way through the 28th, and 29th.  I haven’t gotten the 30th yet!!

Her other book series are the Ghost Walker Series, the Leopard Series, and the Sea Haven Series.  The Sea Haven Series is two different series (the Drake Sisters and Sisters of the Heart Series) closely connected.

I hope you enjoyed checking out these different romance book series!!!

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Happy Reading!