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What are some books by Sharon Sala?


If you’re looking for a good romance read, filled with tons of suspense but not smutty details, then Sharon Sala is an author to check out.

She writes mostly romantic suspense but dabbles a bit in contemporary.

Her stories are engaging, entertaining, captivating, can’t-put-down-till-you’re-done type of books.

Check out these ones:

Sharon Sala’s latest romance book, “FAMILY SINS”

This story is about the Youngblood family.  The father, Stanton, gets gunned down and book cover for Family Sins by Sharon Salashot at the beginning.  The story is about them finding his killer.  Stanton left a big clue!!  He wrote the name of the killer with his own blood just before he died.

Take a look at the #bookdetails about Family Sins here.  Here are details so you know what you’re getting before you read (without telling you the whole story).

There’s also the

Rebel Ridge Novels

The Rebel Ridge Novels are about a family.  There are Ryal, Quinn, and Meg.

sharonsala-rebelridgenovelsEach finds love and happiness in this captivating series.  I loved “Don’t Cry for Me” the best.

Take a look here for more details about this one.

The Forces of Nature Series

If you want to stay up late in the arms of a killer, then this is the book series to read.cover-forces-of-nature-series

This book series follows a group of FBI agents as they try to catch a killer.  And this killer is killing in the wake a natural disaster.  Not cool!!!

But each of the agents finds love and a reason for living in each story.

Take a look at #bookdetails about this series here.

This is only a small handful of the books that Sharon Sala has written.  I’ve read a few more.  Check out her author page for others that might interest you.

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