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Romance Copywriter – At Your Service!!

I am now a copywriter, devoted to helping romance authors with their websites, email campaigns, newsletters and social media marketing.

The journey to get here has been interesting.

I have always read romance, ever since I was a teenager.  And I like to read every book in a book series.  I would do my own research to find all the books, request them at the library, and then do a whole lot of reading!

During in my quest, I found that author sites were lacking in organization, style, design, but most importantly information.  I could not always find the info that I was looking for.  Oh, I could usually find a book list, but I could never find any list of details that would show me how the books fit together.

And that frustrated me.   Because I had to find all the books in the series and then read them all in order to be able to know how they actually fit together.

I didn’t mind reading.  I had found some amazing authors that write amazing stories.  But what frustrated me was that they did not put the details on their own sites.

I mean come on, they are your books, why do you not have details on your site to emphasize what you have written and convince me to buy your book?  Why?

So to answer for the details, I created  This is a content directory of the details of many romance books and many more will be added.


Fast forward to this past year.

In my life, my children are getting bigger and I needed to go back to work.  I had been lurking on the AWAI website for years (mostly because I wanted to write my own romance book), and signed up for their newsletters.

Well, if any of you are familiar with AWAI, then you know you get these very persuasive emails wanting you to do this or that or take this course or that one.

And then it hit me.  I could take the Accelerated Program and help authors with their sites.  I mean, why not??  I needed a job that would keep me at home with my kids and I could do what I love and maybe even meet some of these amazing authors.

And I could get paid to read!

And that is what I did.  I could see how I could help romance authors update their sites.  I could see how I could write content that would be persuasive, convincing other readers that they need these books that this author has written.

That is where I am today.  My RomanceCopywriter site is about helping the authors update and persuasively sell what they themselves have written.

This blog is purely for the thoughts that I have when I am reading.  It serves no purpose other than for me to be able to put my thoughts out there.  🙂


But what you can do is:

If you are a reader and want to know more about my book site, go to StuckOnRomanceBooks and sign up for the newsletter that gives you the details of the books that I have added.  You see, no matter how much else I have on my plate, I still have to read.  I have read 3 books in the past week.  🙂


If you are an author and would like me to help you out, go to RomanceCopywriter and check out how I can help you.

Or if you just want to get the blog where I share tips and tricks from the leading influencers that will help you succeed, go to my blog page.