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I love it when a book makes me cry!

I love it when a book is powerful enough to make cry.  Where the author has put such emotion and love into the story line that I am transported to the pages of the book.  Where I feel like I have become an honorary member of the family and get to be there for all the important events.

In the new book series that I am reading, it does just that.  R.C. Ryan’s series, The Copper Creek Cowboys Series, the first is about Brenna.  She grew up in an abusive home and became best friends with Ash who lived on the neighboring ranch.  She had so many difficulties and yet she was able to over come it all and ends up with the man that she loves.

She showed such strength, such courage at being able to continue after all the set backs that she faced.  I cried right along with the people attending the wedding as you see her get married to her best friend Ash.

R.C. Ryan,who also goes by Ruth Ryan Langan, writes strong stories about brothers or cousins – men that are strong in character and not to shabby to look at.  I have enjoyed her all of her book series.  I am looking forward to the 3rd in this series, The Legacy of Copper Creek, coming out July 2015.

the_legacy_of_copper_creek the_maverick_of_copper_creek the_rebel_of_copper_creek