Kat Martin

How brave are you at taking chances?

I always love books that makes me think about my life even if it is not related to it at all.  I tend to ask myself the hard questions when I encounter a story that shows the characters taking huge risks and following their hearts.

In Kat Martin’s latest novel, Against the Sky, the main characters Nick and Samantha taking a huge chance on love.  They first meet in Las Vegas.  He saves her from a drunk and they end up going out for a drink.  They date lasts for the whole weekend.

Then they have to go back to real life.  And part of that real life is Sam realizing that she is pregnant.  After the big decision of whether or not she is going to keep the baby, Sam heads to Alaska to hang with Nick to see him for who he really is.  What she doesn’t expect is falling for Nick.  He is kind and caring and drop dead gorgeous.  He is also protective and domineering and definitely a man’s man.

In the end she has to make a choice, follow her heart and stay in a place that she doesn’t like or make him move to a place that he won’t fit into.  They compromise and move to Seattle where they can have both of what they want and still be together.

They story line is well written and it kept me up all night just to finish it.  But it made me think the chances that we take in life.  Am I getting all that I should be getting out of life?  Am I missing anything that should be a part of my life?

I am not a risk taker.  I am a logical thinker and planner.  I weigh the odds and think about the consequences long before anything happens.

I liked this book.  Kat Martin did a good job of with Nick’s story, Against the Sky.  If you haven’t read it, check it out.  This is the second book in The Brodies of Alaska Series.