Lakeshore Chronicles · Susan Wiggs

Do you love your family?

I love my family very deeply.  I love them so much that I have to live 8 hrs away from them.  LOL!

I enjoy families.  I love to watch how they work.  I love to see all the dynamics and what is happening.  And I know they come in all shapes and sizes.  My family is huge.  I have over 30 cousins and countless cousins once removed.

The book series, The Lakeshore Chronicles, is all about family.  Susan Wiggs describes a different shape and size of family in each book.  And she has done a fantastic job showing how love, all kinds of love, can make a family stick together.

I think my favorite character in this series is Daisy.  You first meet her in book 1 and she is a sullen teenager reeling from her parents divorce.  She then decides to rebel and get herself pregnant.  Being a single mother isn’t easy and Susan Wiggs describes her and her feelings with such warmth and accuracy.  While I haven’t been a single mother, I do know what it feels like to have the whole responsibility of raising the kids on your shoulders.  It is not easy.  When she finally gets her chance at love, it is with Julian.  Not totally unexpected but was still memorable.

If you need a strong dose of family, check out this book series by Susan Wiggs.