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What do you feel when you read about history?

Reading about history, especially war history, I am always left feeling sad and glad at the same time.  Sad for what the people went through and happy but I didn’t have to experience the trials that they did.

apple_orchard_mmpbbeekeepers_ballIn Susan Wiggs’ new book series, The Bella Vista Chronicles, part of the story line is about their grandparents that went through the war.  What they suffered, what they learned, what they had to forgive to move on, what they had to forget to be able to live.  It is amazing to me what those people managed to do.

Susan Wiggs does a marvelous job of portraying these characters.  So not only is this book series about the love of the two main characters and how they connect and come together, it is also about their grandparents and how they survived the war to find love and learn to live again.